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Level Up Flow Class no. 2

2020, at 6:00–23:00 Göteborg , Until February 15th Online

The second class, in a series of intermediate to advanced yoga flow classes, is out now. This class is available until February 15th online drop in with Mithila. Each class is stand alone - you can jump in to any class in this series at any time. New class release expected once a month on the 15th. You can practice the class for 3 months from the release date. Welcome!

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Short Talks with Mithila

Posted 7 January

on the subject of being comfortable in your own skin, the what, how and why of daily practice, the energy of commitment and more.

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Just Show Up and Practice

Posted 5 October

Looking for day-by-day personal training for achieving Daily Practice success in your spiritual path from wherever you are in the world?
This online program by Mithila supports you every day for 365 days to help you develop a daily practice of movement, breath and sitting still.

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