the YM Method

- relieving you of common aches and pains
- supporting you with better posture and spine health
- giving you ease in movement, breath and being still
- preparing you for Hatha Yoga and other advanced spiritual practices

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Stand in your Power

This year is brimming with NEWNESS. Have you felt it too?

I am talking about the energy we feel in the natural atmosphere around us, in the planet herself and the way the moon, sun and stars speak to us, in the sense of time, in the inner awareness experience.

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YM Sadhana Course

29 January, at 11:00–13:15 , Live and Online

This is for the YM Sadhana Course Program.
Would you like to practice Yoga with us? Join our Sadhana Program. Join our Spontaneous Classes. Book a Private Session.

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New Moon Meditation

1 February, at 18:00–20:00 , Zoom Online Live

New Moon Monthly Meditation with Mithila Live Online on Zoom.
Each moon phase energy portal has its own energy signature and Mithila channels these prevalent energies in live trance mission meditations.
Read on for further details and booking.

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Monthly Newsletter

What is Meditation?

What is meditation in all its many meanings? Read more about the word and the practice and discover what types of meditation might appeal to you.

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